Tuesday, February 3, 2009

LED Signs - Can you get them for FREE???

Is it Possible to get an LED Sign for FREE???

O.P.M. - Other Peoples Money & How To Make It Work For You!

What could be better than using someone else's money to buy something that will make you money? What if I loaned you $100 and you paid me back $10 a month for a year? What if you used that $100 to buy something for your business that brought you an additional $50 a month in income? After repaying the loan including interest, how much did that purchase cost you?

$100 Loan, $120 in Payments (20% Simple Interest), $600 in Income, Cost = $0

In economics, business, and accounting, a cost is the value of money that has been used up to produce something, and hence is not available for use anymore. In this case there is MORE MONEY AVAILABLE, hence there is NO COST. In fact there is an ANTI-COST!

The very definition of FREE is 'without cost'. That being said, I would like to introduce to you the concept of using OPM or Other People's Money to purchase a profit producing LED Sign for your business that Will generate profits in excess of the outlay thereby eliminating the cost. Or, a FREE LED Sign!

Now, like anything that is FREE there is always a catch. In order to use OPM (Other People's Money) you have to have some semblance of decent credit. If you've never paid a bill in your life you might as will quit reading now because this information will not apply to you!

Using OPM, especially for businesses, does not however require 'perfect credit'. Before you get to worried about the qualification criteria to purchase an LED Sign using OPM, read on...

If you have been considering purchasing an LED Sign for your business this information will be very valuable to you.

If you purchase your LED Signs through iCatch Displays you may be eligible to use our Leasing Program or Equipment Financing option. Using our leasing program will enable you to use someone else's money to pay for your LED Sign. Your LED Sign will produce additional sales revenue for your business (why else would you buy one in the first place?).

On average the lease payment for an LED Sign is in the $600 per month range. That means there is a daily investment of $20. If your LED Sign produces a modest $200 a day in additional sales revenue and you are managing a 20% Net Profit that means you are doubling your money everyday. Money that you borrowed elsewhere. So you are in fact borrowing $20 from someone else and then using it to make yourself $20.

The concept of OPM is very simple, almost too simple. But, what if you have plenty of cash available?

If you are a 'cash' guy (or gal) I understand but I would still implore you to consider using O.P.M. to purchase your LED Sign. Use your cash reserves to make a different cash producing asset purchase that won't qualify for an equipment lease. Leasing companies have strict criteria on what types of equipment they will loan money on and LED Signs qualify while other types of equipment may not.

In plain English, a purchase that does not make your money unavailable for further use is indeed by the very definition of the word... FREE. It may require an investment but there is no cost. O.P.M. is a powerful strategy to generate more profit for your business!

For more information about Leasing LED Signs and OPM visit http://www.icatchdisplays.com/ and click on 'LEASING'.

Friday, January 23, 2009

LED Signs - The Math Behind Increasing Your Sales

LED Signs - The Math Behind Increasing Your Sales

So, you've heard the sales pitch about how an LED Sign can increase your sales by 10, 15, 20 maybe even 50%. Of course that was a salesman that told you the LED Sign would increase your sales. How can you trust the salesman who obviously wants to earn a commission and would probably sell you the LED Sign even if it decreased your business right?

There is a way to reason the decision out for yourself without relying on the word of a commision hungry LED Sign sales guy hoping you'll say yes so he can make his next car payment.

Right now, today, a certain number of people are driving by your business. Let's call those people: X. So, X equals the number of people that pass by your business on any given day.

Of the people that pass by your business today a certain number of those people will take notice of your business. Let call those people Y. So, Y equals the number of people that notice your business as they pass by.

Of the people that are passing by each day (X) a certain number of people notice your business (Y) and then a portion of those people stop in and patronize your business (Z). So, Z equals the number of people that make a purchase at your place of business.

You can't influence X. If you can tell me how. I would love to have a magic wand that would allow me to increase the traffic flow in front of my business. Until someone can show me that magic wand let's just assume that X is the traffic count on your street and you can't control it.

Even if you could control X, the number of people that pass your location everyday, is that really the part of the equation that most concerns you? Isn't Z, the number of people that make purchases from you the part of the equation you are most interested in?

So, what part of the equation can you control? That's right... Y, the number of people that notice your business. If you increase Y it is a mathematical fact that you will increase Z providing you sell a product of interest to the general public. If you are selling doggie doo-doo sandwiches X and Y are irrelevant, noone is buying what your selling.

If on the other hands you are selling Automotive Services, Barber or Salon Services, Food Services, Hospitality Services, basically anything that the majority of the people around you purchase then if you increase Y, the number of people that notice you, then you will increase Z.

The manner in which LED Signs increase sales is relatively simple. You shouldn't have to think to hard about how the addition of a blinking, flashing series of advertising messages about your business being displayed to thousnadds of motorists that are within a few hundred feet of your store will increase your sales.

For more information about how LED Signs & Displays can increase your sales visit our website of one of our other blogs:

Website: http://www.icatchdisplays.com/
LED Sign Central 0r LED Signs by iCatch Displays

Sunday, January 18, 2009

LED Signs - A Convenience Store Necessity

LED Signs - A Must Have For Convenience Stores!

An Electronic LED Display is a sign that uses LED lighting to deliver a brightly illuminated programmed message and /or images as well as time and temperature to the traffic approaching your convenience stores.

iCatch Displays introduces the: “Convenience Store of the Future” multi-prong marketing approach.

Our program is designed to get the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the RIGHT MEDIA!

Our LED Signs coupled with our controller software will allow you to schedule timed messages for weeks in advance. The display will automatically display coffee and doughnut promotions in the morning, hot dogs and chips in the afternoon, milk, beer and bread in the evening… you get the picture. The RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME!

Most convenience stores are located on streets or highways with very high traffic counts. There are thousands of people passing your location everyday and those are the RIGHT PEOPLE. If they are driving a car they are going to buy fuel somewhere! LED Signs give you the power to hit those “RIGHT PEOPLE” at the “RIGHT TIME” with the “RIGHT MESSAGE” to get them off of the street and into YOUR convenience store instead of the other c-store across the street.

The only thing left to discuss is the RIGHT MEDIA. The majority of c-stores are using some type of Changeable Copy Reader Board (Marquee). Usually it is a message spelled out using a six to eight inch plastic letter place in a track that holds the letters. We all know that these messages are rarely changed more than once a week. The letters can get rearranged; blow down the road, fade and crack among other short comings.

Electronic Message LED Displays use a BLINKING, FLASHING, SCROLLING message that changes several times per minute. Because of the special effects of the intensely illuminated message you will increase the effectiveness of your message from a meager 10% to 50% or more depending on sign saturation in the immediate area.

The advantages of the Electronic LED Signs over standard changeable copy signs or reader boards make it the “RIGHT MEDIA”

Ask yourself:

Of the 20 to 40 THOUSAND vehicles approaching your Convenience Store:
How many would you like to notice you?
How many would you like to see a message about a product offering in your store?
How many messages would you like them to see?
How many would you like to stop and make a purchase in your Convenience Store?

Here are the answers (multiple choice):

A. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! (there is no other answer!)

Sending the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the RIGHT MEDIA will get AS MANY AS POSSIBLE which is exactly want you WANT and NEED to get your c-sore sales up to an all-time high!

Here is another question:

How many more days will you continue to send the WRONG MESSAGE at the WRONG TIME (coffee in the afternoon) to the RIGHT PEOPLE using the WRONG MEDIA (8” Plastic Letters)?

Call iCatch Displays today to speak with an expert on LED Signs & Displays for your C-Store! You can reach us Toll-Free at (877)287-9180 or via e-mail: info@icatchdisplays.com or on the web at http://www.icatchdisplays.com

Monday, January 5, 2009



This blog entry is just a rant about sign ordinances that ban LED Signs. Why do people have to make major decisions that impact other peoples lives on a 'knee-jerk-reaction'? Many times over the last few years I have been informed by clients and prospects that their city is having a 'meeting' to ban LED Signs. I have been personally been in involved in a few of these meetings and I am always shocked by what I see and hear.

It seems as though the uproar about LED Signs and 'all that flashing' is always spearheaded by some senior citizen with nothing better to do that complain about anything new or different in 'their community'. Here are the most common reasons I have heard they should be banned:

  • "We don't want our city looking like Las Vegas!"

  • "If drivers are reading signs they aren't paying attention to the road!"

  • "That blinking and flashing is distracting!"
I will now rant about the senselessness of these statements:

"We don't want our city looking like Las Vegas!"

Rest assured... your city won't look like Las Vegas! The average LED Sign in Las Vegas cost MILLIONS of dollars, an investment everyone in your town probably can't afford to make. A few smaller scale LED Signs up and down the street will hardly give your town a 'vegas-like' appearance.

"If drivers are reading signs they aren't paying attention to the road!"

On this note we would have top remove all outdoor signs regardless of what type they are because the majority of outdoor signs have one purpose and that is to be read by passing motorists.
The reality is that taking your eyes off the road for a second or two to look at a sign is not a major cause of traffic accidents. We take our eyes off the road to read signs all the time... not just business signs but directional signs as well.

"That blinking and flashing is distracting!"

The only difference beetween LED Signs and any other sign on the street is that LED Signs are more attractive due to the motion and intensity of the LED Lighting. All signs provide information, LED Signs just provide more of it than other types of signs.
Motorists in general aren't going to crane their necks for five seconds, not looking at the raod to read a sign, LED or otherwise. None of us want to wreck our cars and therefore glance at things, not stare. Do you stare in the rearview mirror or sideview mirrors? Do you stare at anything or do you glance? LED Signs are no different. People glance at them.
What you need to realize is that many traffic accidents especially 'fender benders' are caused by people 'spacing out' (referred to as Highway Hypnosis). Regular signs that lack motion or blinking or flashing won't typically break this spell of 'spacing out' while LED Signs do.

It is my position that people that are considering banning LED Signs really need to take a look at all of the information and consider the fact that they may be all together wrong about LED Signs.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Procrastination & The Cost To You

Why do people buy LED Signs? Do they buy them because they want to own a pretty black box full of blinking lights? No, of course they don't. They buy them to make money! The very purpose of an LED Sign is to draw attention to your business so as to increase sales revenue.

So, if purchasing an LED Sign is going to increase sales how long should you wait to purchase one? The easy answer is you shouldn't wait! If an LED Sign will increase your sales even by just a few percentage points that means every day that you procrastinate or wait to make the purchase it is costing you money!

So, if you have been thinking about buying an LED Display, stop procrastinating and get it done! Make 2009 a great year for your business and act now!

Monday, December 29, 2008

LED Signs Maximize Retail Business Profits

LED Signs Maximize Retail Business Profits
by Eric Stevens

What is the one thing that ALL retail stores have in common? Think hard... what do all retail stores have regardless of the type of product they are selling. Whether it's a toy STORE or a Jewelry STORE or a Tire STORE???

Get the picture? ALL retail stores have a STORE. Another word commonly used in place of store is LOCATION. ALL stores are in a LOCATION. In fact most business owners and major corporations pay premium dollars to locate their stores in a high-traffic, extremely visible commercial building on the busiest street in town.

If you were to relocate one of these businesses to a rural farm road somewhere in Idaho what would happen? That's right, they would go out of business because there were not enough people in the vicinity to support the retail operation.

So, we know that we need people or a population for a business to function, that's common sense... or is it? What if we built our business underground to save a few bucks on the high cost of premium commercial real estate. Let's say we located our new retail operation in the busiest city in America right under the busiest street in the city? what would happen? There are plenty of people around right? But how will they find us if they can't see us?

The point is that it's not enough to have a great location. We have to pull people into the store and that is what we are after. 100,000 people passing by you location everyday won't do anything for you if they aren't coming in to your store.

LED Signs are the best way to reach the people outside your business and pull them inside your business where they can buy your products and services.

For more information on how LED Signs can help you reach your passing traffic check out iCatch Displays.